Send leads to specific account in Salesforce


I’ve read up on your Salesforce integration and see that a “Company” field is required to send leads to Salesforce. Two problems with this for our firm:

  1. We don’t currently ask our prospects for their company name because we’re trying to require as few fields as possible to increase conversion. Our method for deducing the company is by looking at their email domain name.

  2. We need to qualify leads before we enter them as legitimate contacts in Salesforce - we don’t simply want them automatically added to their account in Salesforce as a legitimate lead.

To me, the ideal solution for both of these problems is to be able to send all of our Unbounce leads to a dummy salesforce account and then we can quickly redesignate appropriate contacts to their respective companies. Is this possible? It would be great to pre-designate other custom fields such as “lead source” also!



Hey Jessica!

If you don’t want to add a ‘Company’ field at all, you can just include a hidden field with a default value. Then map that hidden company field to Salesforce.

If you wish to take your idea of sending the leads into a single account then forward them to the appropriate accounts manually I don’t see why this approach wouldn’t work. Salesforce does give the ability to export/import data into different accounts. Checkout the Salesforce support article here:…

It’s more of a manual process, but it should work if this is the route you intend to take.


Hi Johnny, 

I want to be able to send Leads to SF without a company name, as we have a various lead types in our SF environment that do not require it. 

I understand the above method as a mini/basic work around, however this causes my Sales Team issues when it comes to converting leads. (reasons: Leads with a company name (whether it on the page layout or not i.e. a hidden field as you stated above) convert to a Business Account. I require them to be converted into a Person Account (which require the Company name to be BLANK).

Any advise on this matter would nice, more so a solution would be perfect ? 



Hi Unbounce team, 

I’d like to assign Unbounce as a default Lead Source in Salesforce. How could I add a custom field in Unbounce with a default value in order to have it mapped to my Lead Source field in Salesforce? 



Ahhh having this exact same problem. Just had 70 leads converted to a business account, when I wrongly thought it would just ignore it. How wrong was I? Can’t find a work around!