Selling tickets to a botanical workshop- First EVER landing page - would LOVE a review


Please review my new landing page :slight_smile: Thank you in advance !!

My new landing page aimed to sell tickets to a botanical workshop that I am hosting in central London . I also want encourage people to join a mailing list to hear about future classes. Interested to know if I am using all the tools and sales funnel techniques that I can be.

Currently using Instagram posts, stories and Facebook shares. Really feel like some advertising could help but I am a very small budget and I am not familiar with Instagram adverts or how I would target users

I need to sell 45 tickets for the workshops to people living in the London area. I would love a mailing list for future workshop interest.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Hello :slight_smile:

First of all, I love what you do! So cool :deciduous_tree:

I think the page flows well and the copy makes sense in the order it is in. The way you have your buttons and conversion goals set up, there are some A/B tests I would set up if I were you. See below…

A note on the headline though… I would swap your current headline “Kokedama Workshop” with the sub-title. Placing the real goal of the page first and foremost. “Make your own urban hanging garden!”
I actually know what that means and what it means to me. I think the general user will agree. Then, “Kokedama Workshop” which in two words tells me I will actually learn some new things. Like whatever Kokedama is :wink:

The A/B tests…

  • You have multiple buttons to pick times. AMAZING & USER-FRIENDLY! But it could be overwhelming to some at first. So try just one CTA at the top.

It would make an interesting test if you moved that section of class times after the workshop/class details. And placed a single button after the sub-title to “Pick Your Time”. Then anchor that button to the section of class times.

  • You could also eliminate the email sign-up at the bottom. That may distract the user and they won’t sign-up for a class. It is also not very helpful when tracking conversion goals.

Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help!