Selecting a group of objects


Is there any way to click and drag around a group of objects to select them all (as a temporary group)?

If I want to reposition several objects (such as a bunch of “stars” that are ratings, it’s a nuisance to be required to click them all individually (with shift held down) to move them.

I want a way to easily select them all - or make them a semi-permanent group.

Clicking them all individually is giving me click fatigue.


Hi @Ed_Stanfield,

Currently, there is no way to create groups around elements.

However, you can put said stars in a transparent, borderless box and only have to move the box when necessary.



Thanks - I forgot about that options. Reasonable work-around.


Hello @Ed_Stanfield,

for me it works by holding the shift key and then clicking several elements. Then you can move them around all at once.
Hope this works with you as well.

Kind regards


Hi - yes, I have used that method and found it tiring.

I was grouping a bunch of stars (like a rating) and also the testimonial and picture with it, then moving it into position. But, in order to get a clear view of the result, I needed to deselect everything, and then I see that I need to nudge them just a little higher, so I go thru the same process over and over again.

The box solution reduces my mouse clicks a lot.