Segmented telefone input field


Problem: We have plenty of international visitors who don’t add the country and/or state prefix to their phone number. Unfortunately very often it gets very difficult to figure out what the real phone number is. In average 10 to 30% of our collected phone numbers have this issue. They look as real phone numbers (no incorrect entries like 1111111 or 1234457) but don’t work. 

Solution: Have the phone input field split into two or even three segments. The first segment would be for the country code. With some geo_ip javascript this field could even be preselected automatically. This already would be a strong indication for the visitor how to add the exact phone number in the second input field. 

One additional problem which then would have to be solved is to make this two phone input fields together the same width as all the other input fields. I’m sure you’ll able to figure out a way. 


+30 is Greece’s phone number


Could you please share the Java script for the solution?