Segmentation on Landing Page

We are building a landing page for a set of 5 vitamin products. On the thank you page, we want to ask which of the 5 products, the user is interested in receiving more information about at launch. We then wish to segment this data into 5 Klaviyo lists so that upon launch, we can direct someone interested in Immune Support to the landing page for that specific product.

We need a freelancer to add the custom coding for the segmentation on the thank you page. Is this the best integration to use

We need tech support to integrate this. It’s an urgent project requiring the work completed before Christmas.

Hey @jetfuelyou,

Your post is missing a couple of important pieces of information that would help determine the best way to integrate your Thank You page with the right Klaviyo list.

  1. You’ve mentioned a Thank You page. Does the page before that collects the email address of the visitor? Is it an Unbounce landing page or on another platform?

  2. Are you currently using Segment? I don’t see it on your main site so it might be an overshoot if you want to implement Segment just for this. A Zapier integration might be more easy to setup and maintain in the future.

Feel free to fill out my contact form here or DM me directly, I should be able to help.


Hi Hristian,

Thank you so much for getting back to me with those questions. I really appreciate it.

  1. Yes the page before the thank you page collects the email address

  2. We’re not using segment yet (I only discovered it in the Unbounce forum yesterday as a potential solution). We need some tech help linking this all together. The segment app may not be the answer.

Here is the Adobe link to the design of the LP and the thank you page (we’re reducing copy and making it tighter).

But it shows what we’re aiming to do:

  1. Get sign-ups to the waitlist on the main LP

  2. Thank you page - make a choice of which of the 5 (or multiples if you want more than 1) you’re interested in.

That segmentation to feed into 5 lists in Klaviyo so, at launch, we can send each segmented list to its own sales funnel for that product, built-in Click Funnels.

For people with multiple choices, we’d send them to the Shopify store directly.

Would this be something you’d be able to help us integrate this side of Christmas? It needs to go live on 1st January ahead of the New Year wellness rush.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon
With my thanks

Hi @Papillon,

I took a look at the design drafts and a couple of things stand out:

  1. You can only have a single email field on your Unbounce page. I see that your current design has 4 or 5 sections with the email field. You might want to look into optimizing that and keeping only the one above the fold. The rest can be converted to CTA buttons that scroll back to the top of the page.

  2. Your Thank You page selection would also need some custom coding to make the radio buttons look like the design you have.

Since you have an email field on the Thank You page as well you have 2 options:

  1. Forward the email from the LP to the Thank You page and pre-fill it on the new form.

  2. Pre-fill it as a hidden field on the Thank You page.

Once you do either 1 or 2 from above, you can use Zapier to segment the visitor to the right list. Much easier to set it up with Zapier than using Segment just for this.

You still have a few days before Christmas but it will be a tight deadline if you want to implement both of these pages and set up the integration.


Thank you so much Hristian. Answers in red for ease.

Many thanks again

Hi there Hristian,

I know you’re super busy but is this something you may be able to code for us or have you not got the time or bandwidth?

Looking forward to hearing from you
My thanks as always

Hi Papillon,

As you can see, your previous response seems to be cut off and I didn’t get an answer on my questions.

Anyway, feel free to email me directly at and we’ll take care of the page for you before Christmas.