integration into Unbounce


Hi team,

I need to know if you have plans to collaborate with ( in the future. The integration would help tremendously.

We have failed at implementing .js to try do this.

Many thanks,


Hey there Ñ just curious, what tools are you hoping to use for?


Hi Carter,

We are using in replace of Google Tag Manager to manage our code base. We use Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Klaviyo, Qualaroo and Crazy Egg through using

We have been using Unbounce for some time, but have experienced tracking issues when trying to force the integration. Hence my question.

Do you have an answer for me with regards to future integration?

Many thanks,


Thanks Deborah! While we don’t have an integration planned at the moment specific to, we are about to move into an Alpha stage for a feature called “Script Manager” that will make it much easier to use them. The Script Manager is a domain-level way to manage javascript snippets like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc, so that you no longer need to manage them on every variant. Check out a video of an early prototype here:…

It sounds like the problem isn’t managing the .js snippets though, it’s just that you haven’t been able to get the .js working altogether. Would you mind opening a support ticket at with the page you’re trying to embed the code on and we’ll take a look?


+1 for feature.


Hi Carter,

Please could I get a response, as this is an ongoing problem and need to sort this out.



Hi Deborah, did you see my response above? Give our support team a shout to see if we can help figure out your particular problem getting to work via JavaScript.



Hey Deborah - Lets puzzle this out! I’m going to start a support ticket for you so I can review your setup further. Lookout for my email :slight_smile:


can you please make a tutorial/guide for how to get to work with unbounce?


Hey Andreas - For just basic traffic tracking it’s the same steps as shown on the guide:

However, tracking any other events is a bit more work and requires a bit of understanding of javascript. What kind of actions/info are you trying to capture? Once I get a better idea I might be able to help.


Hey Deborah - I didn’t get a reply back to the ticket I started with you. Did you not get my email? Be sure to check your junk/spam folder incase it was filtered. If not send a email directly to


Hi Carter,

Sorry it hadn’t loaded when I sent that message.

Unfortunately our issue with Unbounce is how Unbounce loads file downloads.

Unbounce allows file downloads by redirecting to a new url when the user completes the required form; but specifically, its a redirect to a new url on the original tab. When the redirect occurs we lose any tracking that is running on the current tab.

To get past this, we inserted a time delay when the user clicked “Download” in order to give our tracking time to execute before the redirect happened. In some cases the time delay was more than enough and in others it was not enough - hence why we would have data inaccuracy. We didn’t want to increase the delay timeout because that would seriously affect UX, and we would likely get users resubmitting the form and possibly record duplicate events of that download.

Hope this makes sense. We are looking into whether we can redirect to the “download” url in a new, separate tab, this should allow the tracking on the original tab to execute uninterrupted and give us accuracy.



Ahh thanks for clarifying Deborah. I can’t think of an adequate solution right now, but having this use-case will make it easier for us to improve that part of the app.


Thanks Carter!