Seeking Volunteer for Urgent COVID-19 Open Source Non-Profit Tool

Hi there Unbounce community!

On March 15, 2020, as a part of a grassroots initiative to help frontline physicians fight COVID-19, Nth Opinion launched an open-source non-profit hackathon: The purpose of the hackathon was to help Nth Opinion finish building a decentralized communications app with a purpose to facilitate information sharing between verified COVID-19 frontline physicians, medical professionals and the public.

We put out a global call for coders, developers, translators, and physicians to help us fight the contagion with information:

In one week, we garnered more than 4k organic views and grew to a team of more than 170 dedicated and generous volunteers across the technology, dev, PM, and digital marketing space.

Our product is ready for physicians to use – but we need an amazing, simple landing page that explains the value proposition to doctors very clearly and succinctly. We are seeking a volunteer expert Unbounce ninja to help us fix up our landing page. All content and graphics would be provided.

We are racing against time. If you, or anybody you know, would like to join our cause, please connect with me**. Thank you SO much!**

Alice (on LinkedIn, I’m /aliceko)


Hi Alice!

Our team @ Webistry should have bandwidth. I’ll PM you my email right now.

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Hey Alice! Welcome to the community :tada: This is a really awesome initiative and I’m hopeful that there’s an Unbounce pro that can step up and get you set up.

A few questions for you which might make it easier for folks to get involved:

  • What is the intention for the landing page you’re looking to build? Or rather, what’s the call to action? Are you hoping to drive traffic from the landing page to the hackathon?
  • How are you sending traffic to your landing pages? Are you advertising primarily on social or do you have some strategy around emails being sent out?
  • What kind of turnaround are you hoping for? You’d mentioned this is a race against time, but it may help to know what kind of window of time you’re hoping to have this launched in?

Oh great, @Stefano chimed in while I was writing this :joy:

Would love to keep this conversation going to see how this progresses if you’d be open to it! This is a terrific idea!

All the best,


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Thank you so much Jess! Once our Unbounce landing page is done I’ll share with Unbounce! We have included your logo on the page as you as a kind sponsor. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @AliceKo

V noble initiative. I’m happy to contribute. Sent PM.


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