See how two brands used lightboxes to win the Spring Cleaning Contest


This Spring you might have opened up all the windows, let in some fresh air, and maybe even cleaned up the dreaded storage closet. And there’s no doubt it was glorious.

But here at Unbounce, we wanted to reward a different kind of spring cleaning. The kind involving a landing page transformation.

So the Spring Cleaning Contest was born.

In April we invited Unbounce customers to submit a before and after of a landing page made cleaner, clearer, or more high-converting with lightboxes (a brand new feature to the Page Builder).

Lightboxes are modal windows that allow you to feature nice-to-know information on your landing page without taking up critical real estate. You can use lightboxes to:

  • Clean up the copy featured on your page to avoid info overload

  • Setup better structure or information hierarchy (to guide visitors to convert with your CTA)

  • Feature nice-to-know details like speaker bios, fine details, or extras, or

  • Test out a lightbox form (enabling visitors to activate your CTA when they’re ready to convert)

All told, we received dozens of entries from customers who demonstrated great use of lightboxes on their pages, but there were two entries that stood out in particular.

While we’d originally designated a prize pack for only one winner, the entries from Bluetrain and Riversol were both so well done we called a tie and had two winners.

Here’s a look at their clever transformations. We think you’ll find they were both deserving!

Bluetrain Helps Client First Foundation Persuade

Working on behalf of their client, First Foundation (an independent insurance and mortgage broker), Bluetrain Ð a digital agency Ð transformed a lead gen landing page. The page’s main call to action is to claim your free quote for layoff insurance.

The ‘before’ version of the page featured a large lead-gen form, and even though the copy was good, there was very little explanation for why you’d want to fill out the form and receive a free quote for layoff insurance from First Foundation.

Here’s a look at the ÒbeforeÓ page:

Nice right? But a lot of the page is centered around that massive form and the page could use some extra info to help prospects understand the value in layoff insurance even further.

So Bluetrain added some more persuasive info to the landing page with lightboxes and an improved information hierarchy. In short, they changed the order in which you see information, such that it reads like a persuasive pitch.

Here’s their after:

As you can see, in their ÒafterÓ page, Bluetrain didn’t just cover what layoff insurance is and why you’d want it, they went a step further and rearranged the page’s info to suit a logical information hierarchy. They added some frequently asked questions and testimonials directly on the page, but Bluetrain also used lightboxes to allow visitors to open up even more nice-to-have extras should they need some extra info before clicking the CTA to claim their free quote for layoff insurance.

You’ll notice that they also swapped to a lightbox form , allowing visitors to actively opt in and convert. Based on buyer psychology, this is said to increase conversions in some cases.

Overall, Bluetrain’s addition of nice-to-know information with lightboxes (without taking up a massive amount of real estate on their page) was a strategic way to ensure that visitors who land on this page:

  1. Understand the offer (i.e. layoff insurance)

  2. Receive information about the offer quickly, and in a logical order (like a pitch), and

  3. Get enough information to convert based on the type of buyer they might be.(some folks will need more info to convert than others).

By allowing page visitors to click on lightboxes that trigger more info, Bluetrain offers more information to visitors who need it, without bogging the page down by over-explaining the offer to those who are ready to convert.

Bravo! My one recommendation? Bluetrain could add a CTA button at the end of their new page with their main call to action repeated a final time (after visitors have taken in and evaluated the offer). It’s okay to include a second CTA on your page, so long as it prompts the same action as a CTA appearing anywhere else on the page (i.e. get your free quote).

Now for our second winner…

Riversol Skin Care Wows With Lightbox Inception

Riversol Skin Care offers various beauty products developed by a world-renowned dermatologist. Their click through landing page had the end goal of getting visitors to order their free sample kit. Here’s a preview of their ÒbeforeÓ page:

Great lookin’ page, eh?

The only problem? Clicking any of the orange CTA buttons led off page to an order form on the Riversol website (a perfect opportunity for visitors to get distracted from following through with the free sample order and converting).

This before page also contained a lot of copy. Surely there was a better way to present all this information without overwhelming visitors.

And there was. Check out Riversol’s ÒafterÓ page:

Pretty snazzy!

Not only does the new design of the page really communicate that this offer is about skin care products created by a dermatologist (nice hero shot), it also contains only one call to action throughout the page (i.e. ÒTry nowÓ). The copy here is more focused and when you click that ÒTry nowÓ CTA at any point throughout the page, now you don’t land elsewhere Рinstead, a lightbox appears with your two options:

The lightbox presents to you the two different skin type options to choose from for your free sample, and once you make your selection…

Boom! A form appears in the lightbox to complete your order via Riversol’s Shopify account.

If that’s not a smooth conversion process, I’m not sure what is, folks!

Overall, Riversol’s transformation (including design, copy, and using lightboxes within lightboxes) was pretty clever. By keeping visitors on the landing page (instead of sending them away to complete the transaction), we can expect a higher conversion rate.

A big thank you and CONGRATS to both Riversol and Bluetrain. These savvy marketers have some sweet prizes coming their way: a free ticket to  Call to Action Conference in June, and they’ll enjoy a digital lunch consult with Unbounce’s one and only Conversion Rate Optimizer, Michael Aagaard.

Be sure to grab your tickets to Call to Action Conference to join these smart marketers in June, and thanks to all participants for your awesome lightbox contest entries. We were thrilled to see so many people get value from this new feature!


are the pages live?


Hi AJ Ð yes, the pages are live, but typically we’ll show screenshots of example customer pages so we don’t send unrelated traffic to their campaigns and skew their data.