See current test stats from the dashboard


One of the pain points I regularly have with Unbounce is having to click on every test in order to get an update on the progress of that test.

I would love to be able to scroll through the dashboard and see current stats for all active split tests, or at least an indicator if a test has reached a statistically valid result. This would save me a ton of time!


Hey Josh - totally understand and it’s actually something we have on our roadmap (and partially complete to be honest :slight_smile: Will let you know when we’re closer to rolling it out…


Hi. Any updates on this feature? It would save so much time having a report to isolate winning and losing variants rather than clicking on every page.

If not, how are others combing through this data efficiently with hundreds of landing pages?

Is this something we could do via API? Are those metrics available as an API call? If so, in theory we could pull the results per page name and split test results into google sheets and create our version of a dashboard.