See All Leads On One Page


It would be a nice feature to see all the leads on one page. It is really frustrating to compare our email notifications with the actual leads we received any given day. I have to go to each and every of our 100 landing pages and see if there was any new lead. It would be nice to go to a page which would show all incoming leads with a calendar so I could see everything together.


Hi Viktoria,
This is definitely something we’ve had requests for before. It’s in our queue and we’re also actively working on an API that will allow you to fetch your leads programmatically. I’ll update as soon as there is a way to achieve what you’re looking for.



Also to have an export option so I can have it downloaded easily.


I see that this topic is 11 months old, and that 11 months ago this was something you were working on completing. Has this feature been developed?


I note that this is now nearly 4 years old. Is this still something that is not available? The download is all well and good, but a quick admin view would be helpful.