See account/activity history on dashboard or sub-tab


It would be great to be able to see recent account changes or a full history of changes on the landing pages (i.e. ‘Landing Page’ for ‘Client-x’ saved by ‘Staff-Member’ at 03:45pm, ‘Monday April 12, 2008’). ‘Client’ could link to a category of changes to just that client, ‘Staff-Member’ could link to the staff member’s history and the day of the year could link to changes on that day. Just a thought!


Great idea Bob, we’ll be taking this into consideration as we build out the multi-user/agency model.


Awesome - I look forward to it. If you need an outside opinion you’re more than welcome to drop me an email.

Phil Mui - Product Director of Google Analytics - did when him and I were talking about the permission & user account structure of Google Analytics at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago back in December.


Hey Bob! Just letting you know that we’re rounding up users who are interested in being a part of our Agency and Multi-user beta group. If you’re interested in taking part and helping us shape the product, sign up here. Thanks!


Was there ever any progress on creating an activity log? I would like to be able to track who changes what.