Secure Naked domain


Hi there,

I am having an issue setting up a secure naked domain. I did the necessary changes to my DNS configuration and it works when I am requesting the non-secure version (http) of my landing page but why I go thru https, it just hangs.

Any idea what is going on?



Hey Mediabucket

Just got off a Support chat asking about this very thing. Here was the reply :sweat:

Milly: Ramo, my tech team tells me that is expected. We do not support https on naked domains currently. Sorry about that!

Naked domain not working with SSL

Thanks for sharing this here @ramophalatsi!


Thanks, this is very unfortunate.


Yea, this is not good! Any plans on fixing this?

Is there a workaround, like maybe redirecting to the root domain or some other magic I’m not thinking of?