Second attempt at creating a page - am I on the right track?


Hi all

I created my first page a few weeks ago and asked for feedback. I then decided from some fabulous suggestions to scrap the format and start again. So here’s my second attempt:…
How does it look? Any suggestions as to the user experience, or any changes that you think would provide a clearer call to action?
I think I maybe should add in more sections but I don’t know at what point it starts to become overkill.
As you can tell, I’m still really unsure, so any feedback would be very gratefully received.



Hey Deb,

This looks great! I recall the first page you shared with us a while back, and this one looks a lot nicer!

Only tips would be…

  1. The form is a bit long. Are all of those fields required? Maybe try split testing a much simpler form just to get contact info, and then work all the details out with the lead via phone/email?

  2. The area near the bottom that says “Great service”… I wasn’t sure at first if this was a testimonial or an “about us” section. Now I realize it’s about you. Maybe make that a little more clear with a headline.

  3. At the very bottom, the last section that says “Wish you were here” looks out of place because of the alignment. Maybe try centering it to give it more balance?

  4. Lastly, in general, maybe try to be a little more direct with your calls-to-action. You might want to tell people exactly what they’re get by filling out the form. You can do this with headlines, and/or more direct button text, such as “Find my dream home” or something like that.

Great job on the new page and looking forward to seeing how well it performs for you.


Thanks so much Nicholas. Good to know I’m now getting there.

The form is my big dilemma but as you say I could try split testing a shorter alternative. The other suggestions make total sense and what’s good for me, they’re simple fixes! So I’ll get on with sorting them.
Thanks again


Nice looking page.  A few ideas:

  1. Your CTA is “advanced property search,” but the actual lightbox function is a form asking for contact information. Either change that to provide an actual search experience or change the wording of the CTA button.  Perhaps you could look at this as a sales funnel. Do you provide a property search function on another site? Your CTA could be to send the user there.  
  2. Are the images of the properties actual properties for sale? Why not provide a means of giving information about the actual properties there.  You could make the images lightbox links that when clicked provide detailed property information.  That way they don’t leave your page (outlinks) but then have to respond on your CTA.  In other words, do the properties you list in the text box correspond in some way to the images?