Search engine change for pages on


Just wanted to let everyone know that we just made a change so that pages on will be excluded from search engines. Note that this does not affect any pages you’ve published on your own custom domains, only pages specifically published to*.

This is something we previously had in place (as outlined in our knowledge base article "Will Google index my landing pages?"). However, during an update a while back, we unintentionally made a change that allowed pages to be included in search engines.

If you’d like to have your pages indexed and appear in search results, you should

  1. Setup your own custom domain for Unbounce and publish your pages there. See the article and video How Do I Set Up My Custom Domain (CNAME)?.

  2. Make sure you have de-selected the “Hide my page from search engines” option in the “Title & Meta” tool (it’s de-selected by default, so you probably won’t have to do anything).

By using your own domain, rather than one shared by so many pages besides your own, you should get much better results!