Search all pages by Lead Email


We have a lot of PPC people who get really creative with their funnels, but sometimes things go wrong.

It would be SUPER DUPER amazing to be able to search all pages by a lead’s email to find which page the person ultimately filled out the lead.

The PPC guys have about 60 funnels/groups, and not everyone on our team has access to the lead emails which probably provides a url to the page, so this feature would be super awesome for people trying to debug funnels and landing pages, especially if using a web hook to an external script.

Thank you,



Hey @Jason_Monsef!

I’ve gone ahead and changed this to a Feature Request so other members can vote on this feature as well. Thanks so much for submitting this!

To see more feature requests, and vote on them, check out the #feature-requests category.



Hi @Jason_Monsef,

If you are looking for a more immediate solution, you might want to try pushing all of your leads to a Google Sheet.
Along with the lead data, you can push the page name, date/time, etc.

It’s not ideal but should give you an easy way to search all of your leads from multiple pages.

You can either use Zapier to accomplish the push to Google Sheets or try my free script.



Yes!!! This feature would be super helpful :smile:


Yes please!:raising_hand_woman:t2: