Scripts not working at domain-level but working at variant-level

Hello everyone,

I tested the following 2 scripts on a variant page to see how it was working :

I did my tests and everything was working fine.

Since I have dozens landing pages on the same subdomain, I wanted to deploy those scripts using the Script Manager. So I did it.

But then, the Smooth Scrolling was not working anymore.

I know the order can matter, but I don’t see the issue there. Could you help me?


Maybe the placement is incorrect?

Hey, thanks for your answer @notmerry

What do you mean exactly? Because I respected what was recommended by Unbounce (jQuery in head, and the Scrolling Script in Before body end tag) :thinking:

Maybe you are refering to something else?

Ah, I was referring to the settings in script manager

Thank you but I respected the guidelines :’(

:frowning: Try asking unbounce chat support too.