Script Manager using Google Analytics anonymize(ip)


Hey folks,

you might know from your personal experience. In some jurisdications we need to anonymize visitors´ IP adresses - to do so, we make use of Google Analytics anonymize(ip) function.

By now, we implemented the Google Analytics script(s) manually on page level. For a new project we need to work with events but unfortunately are not able to get it done - despite the great how-to unbounce is offering. I fear it has something to do with the script mentioned and how we use(d) it but I´m not an expert in that.

As an alternative we decided to use Script Manager but need to make sure we are anonymize IP adresses. Is there a possibility to change the script unbouce is using here? The tricky thing is, that you can´t simple add this function detached from the Google Analytics script.

Thank you well in advance for your feedback.



Hey Daniel,

The script may not work properly if the web page is trying to load the same thing twice. You will need to be sure to remove those Google Analytics scripts you originally added on page level. Then activate your GA script using the Unbounce Script Manager.


Hey Kyle,

thank you very much for reaching out. You are absolutely right, we should not use the script on page level AND Script Manager at the same time.

My question was, if we could modify the Google Analytics script Unbounce uses in the Script Manager and/or if the anonymite(ip) function is already in use? Any ideas?



Ah okay,

You can edit scripts in the Script Manager if you set it up as a “Custom Script,” rather than selecting the Google Analytics option and typing in your ID.

You can find your Tracking Code in your admin settings in Google Analytics. Then you will want to add your IP masking to that code. More on that from Google…

So in Script Manager, remove the Google Anayltics script that you can’t modify. Then add your custom GA script, and you should be all set.