Script Issue - Landing Page Shows Wrong Map (sometimes)



We’re wondering if anyone can help us. On one of our landing page variations for a specific location, the wrong map shows up - sometimes. In this instance, a map for our Atlanta and Marietta stores should show up, but often a map for Minneapolis shows up instead. If the wrong map shows up first, then when you refresh the page, the correct Atlanta - Marietta map shows up. We can’t determine what’s wrong, the script looks fine to us. And why does it happen sometimes, but not always.

This is the part of the script that controls the map that should show Atlanta & Marietta, but the page sometimes shows the wrong one:

if (elementExists = document.getElementById(‘map’)) {document.getElementById(‘map’).src = “”;};

This is the part of the script that controls the Minneapolis map that sometimes gets inserted into the wrong page (the Atlanta Marietta page):

if (elementExists = document.getElementById(‘map’)) {document.getElementById(‘map’).src = “”;};

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!



This is the page url:

I couldn’t include it before because I was limited to 2 links.