Script in form to check existing emails

I am looking to create a form (separate from landing page) for users to register for information. when they submit (or sooner), I want the form to check against the lead database to see if the user has registered before. If that user has, I want the script to output information and a link to the user instead of submitting to the database. Can this be done??

Hi @computergeek96
Only if your lead database accepts API calls I think…

Wouldn’t the database be in unbounce?? That’s what I’m asking if it had those api calls and if there is example for me to learn from.

ah i see what you mean now @computergeek96
earlier i thought you had a third party lead database. :man_facepalming:
I havent done this but looks like there was thread on similar topic here :point_down:

I am tagging @Hristian :sunglasses: who posted a nifty solution :boom: in the said thread… maybe he has moved further on this since…

Ah…that is an option we are considering. I’d like to have as few different third party plug ins as I could. Right now that as for how my question was meant, yes I an meaning the database on unbounces side. I’ve seen lots of articles about filtering out duplicates but I want the form to query the database and provide immediate feedback to the user when they hit the submit button if they are already in the database. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of this request.