Scan existing landing page


Can I scan a existing landing page to import other one from instapage, for example?


Hi Nicol‡s,

First, welcome to the Unbounce community and hopefully your future campaigns are a success. 

Now on to your question… Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to import existing landing pages straight to Unbounce. It is simply a matter of how Unbounce handles page creation and structure. 

You can, however, import and export pages that have already been built through Unbounce. 

I’ve found that even the most intricate designs can be build through the Unbounce editor in a matter of hours, substantially cutting your costs for custom development and implementation. 

Even better, once the design is up, it’s really easy to split test variations of the page to find meaningful gains in your conversion rate. 

I’m sorry that this is probably not the answer you are looking for but once you give the Unbounce editor a try, I’m sure you’ll realize how intuitive and easy to use it is. 

If you have questions or need help don’t hesitate to post questions here in the community or reach out to me personally. 



Hello Nicol‡s,

I’d recommend taking a full page screen shot with and printing it out (scaling to A4 sized sheet of course).  Download all of your graphics from that landing page and you should be able to recreate most simple landing pages this way.  Now with your graphics ready to go and your old landing page printed out for reference you are good to open up the page builder and duplicate!

It’s not scanning your page into Unbounce, but it’s relatively painless :slight_smile:

Best of luck,
Joe Faillace