Scaling Text Feature - Ideal for typography & headlines

A feature that allowed you to scale text (as seen in the video). This would be a great way to play with the typography on the landing pages. It's also a great way to make your headlines pop.

With the current page builder it take quite some time adjusting the font sizes. In some cases, it’s not even possible.


Hi Matthew, thanks for sharing the idea and the video! This would definitely make it easier to design right inside the page builder. At the moment you can scale text in a similar way for the Mobile version of a responsive page. The reason we only have this on Mobile and not Desktop is because we use a CSS property to do this that is compatible on all mobile devices, but not all desktop browsers that we support. We do plan on improving our text editing in a big way though, and we’ll definitely take this kind of control into consideration.

Thanks again for chiming in! The videos are a big help with ideas like this…