Scaling image backgrounds and some praise


Things are looking great over there guys. I’m using unbounce more and more frequently for various campaigns and projects. is about to launch in 2 days to over 100,000 leads and their networks.

One idea that I thought would be nice is a background image scaling option, it would vastly decrease the page load time and have a nice visual touch. The CSS is relatively simple too, so I guess this is a feature request. You can see an example here:…

Oh and for the record, we built our own custom contesting infrastructure on as well which creates the accounts (syncing with Salesforce and RoR web app), generates a referral code and then allows the user to share via their social networks. has saved me much time and headache dring these landing page cycles and I expect we’ll be doing quite a few travel sweepstakes as well (again not schilling, just saying it would be much more difficult otherwise).




Hey Dan,

Glad you are liking Unbounce and finding it useful. Scaling the background image to the window size is something that has come up before a couple of times and is definitely on my our todo list. I’ll let you know when we get it done.




Actually, I’ll just jump in (Dan & I already spoke) - but we’ve recently added this capability and wrote up a guide for how to achieve it.

It’s #5 on the list here:


Not a fully fledged feature - but a workaround that can work.


Thanks guys, mucho appreciado. The workaround is fantastic and really does make a noticeable difference.

*virtual high fives all around*


Also, note, that this pure CSS method doesn’t work in IE versions below 9.


Hi Everyone!

We know that you’ve been waiting for ways to synce your landing pages with Salesforce, so we’re happy to announce that Unbounce is now officially integrated with Salesforce!

It has definitely been a long time coming and we have appreciated everyone’s patience while our team worked to put the integration together. Take a look at our official announcement or jump right on over to see how to integrate with Salesforce right now.

As always, if you experience any issues with the set up, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Happy Integrating!