Save and Republish?


Is there a way to quickly republish a landing page from the page builder? 

It would save a lot of time by doing this instead of reopening pages.


Hi Katy, 

This could be a good idea! I think one of the reasons we didn’t include the  republish  _button in the page builder itself is because we want to make sure users are  _absolutely sure  _they want to republish. If it was in the builder itself, some users might confuse this with the save _ button functionality. However, if this could be useful for people, I’m sure we wouldn’t be too hesitant to implement it at some point. 

I’ve changed this from a  _Question _ to an  _Idea  _so that other users can vote on this as well. Thanks for your feedback, Katy!


Thank you!


Hi Katy, we’re currently in the research & design phase on making the republish experience quicker and easier from within the builder.  So getting some feedback from you will be really valuable for us. Here is the link to the thread:

Thanks Katy!