Save and Publish feature from the edit screen


On can you add a publish button in the edit screen? Certain elements don’t show up in the preview mode, like sharethis modules. Example: works published, but not in preview…

Right now I have to Edit, Save, go to the Main “Landing Page Management” page, refresh, click re-publish, wait, then go to another window and refresh. I want a “Save And Publish” button for projects where I really need to use publish in order to preview. The preview mode has little value to me, since you can duplicate a variation, make a modification and then replace the old variation with the new one. It actually seems to be more in line with how you’d want to perform you A/B testing anyway. It also removes the oddities that occur in preview mode, since it’s always a full blown publish. Anyhow, just my 2-cents. Thanks for making unbounce. I love it.


Hi Mark - this makes complete sense and I’m glad you posted. This is a feature we have planned though we don’t have a specific timeline just yet. I’ll be sure to update this thread once I have more information.




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Publish button from inside the editor itself.

A publish button from within the unbounce editor itself is absolutely needed.

It’s just a bunch of unnecessary clicks the way it is right now. And really annoying if I’m brutally honest.


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Publish Page button.

Hi guys,

Do you have any plans on adding the ‘Publish Page’ button into the page editing area?

It’s a bit frustrating having to go back to the home area, clicking on the page you’re working on and then hitting the re/publish page button when it could all be done in one area.


This has been under consideration for over a year.

Are you guys short staffed or something?..

Can you stop merging topics and just do it…How hard can it be to put a button in the editor?..


Hey Isaac Ñ I’m sorry you’re frustrated. This has been a request for awhile, but unfortunately it’s not the only one. We merge topics so we can keep track of feature requests. The more votes an idea has, the more likely we are to bump it up on our Product Roadmap.

You can see the list of customer submitted ideas in Get Satisfaction ordered by number votes here. We’re currently working on some of those top items.

Our plan for 2014 is to grow our Development team (we’re offering a $10,000 referral bonus) so that we add features such as this. Thanks for your patience!


Hi everyone, 
We’re currently in the research & design phase on making the republish experience quicker and easier from within the builder. That being said, getting some feedback from you will be really valuable for us at this stage. So, please hop on to this thread for the details.