Salesforce Web2Lead - Can't use native integration


My client just started up with salesforce. I did a GoToMeeting with them so they could log in directly and set up the salesforce integration with Unboucne. Easy peasy… fail :frowning:

The plan they are on doesn’t support API integration… However, we are able to send the form submit info from their joomla site to salesforce, so there must be a way… I have seen the term Web2Lead float around. Is there a way to post the data to a URL or use a zap post the data?

If anyone has any experience with this issue and can point me in the right direction that would be amazing!



Hey Joe, 

You can use Web-to-Lead but it has a limit of 500 leads per day. 

Basically, you just enable it in your Salesforce account like so:

Pick your fields, etc and generate the form. 

Once you do, look at the HTML code they give you. 

  1. Copy down the URL for POST and put that on your Unbounce form as your “POST form data to a URL”.

  2. Add the same fields to your Unbounce form but don’t forget to add the two hidden fields - “oid” and “retURL” with their respective values. 

  3. Well… That’s it. Publish and test.



@Joe let me know if this works for you, in case this comes up in the future for us. @Hristian thanks again for the easy documentation :wink:


Thank you Hristian. I don’t have access to the salesforce so I will share this screen grab with my client and ask them to give me the HTML. 

I need one point of clarification… in step 2 you say add the same fields to your Unboucne form. I am assuming (I have very little experience with salesforce) that the web2lead form has fields in it with id’s. So you add those fields with the id’s salesforce wants, plus the 2 hidden fields.

This is awesome, thank you again.



Hi Joe, 

Yes, your assumption is correct. 

This is what a piece of that HTML from Salesforce looks like:

The field IDs need to match and I believe the order needs to be the same as well. 



I use a custom webhook for this one guys, we have a client using the professional version which doesnt support oAuth. 

It gives us a bit more flexibility with field names and the ability to run some data transformation before posting to Salesforce, in case  our data types are different or dates are in a different format etc.

Shout me if you want the basic version of the webhook without the transformations etc can post it here.





I’d love to see the basic version you can email me joe{at}altosagency{dot}com not sure why i didn’t use the @ and . not sure if this forum strips out those characters.



Sent it on email mate nps :)