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Hi my question is about the capture form integration with salesforce. Outside of unbounce we use the web-to-lead forms, and we have a trigger that sends out an auto confirmation email to the person who filled out the form. I’m trying to figure out if there is anyway to make that possible with the leads that come through unbounce? Can I embed the sales force web-to-lead code into the capture form somehow? Or is this something that needs to be handled on the salesforce end?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hey James - Our current Salesforce integration is currently unable to trigger autoresponders. However if you are using a Web-to-lead form you should be able to take the embed code and place it on your Unbounce page. Once the visitor fills out the form the lead data should effectively trigger the automated email.


Okay cool. Thanks Again.


@adlai, did you end up implementing this? I am having the same issue.


Hey Josh - Our integration still does not handle autoresponders. You can drop in a Salesforce Web form into your page but you will be unable to style the form using our form builder. You do have a couple options though. One is using Zapier to handle passing the lead data. I believe their integration triggers autoresponders.

Second is to use a custom Salesforce integration, which combines both your unbounce form and the workings of their web-to-lead form together. It’s a bit more work, but if your interested check it out:…


Hi Guys,

Sorry to barge in on this thread but it’s something that I’m already doing, but from a slightly different angle. Salesforce has the ability to send out an email to a new lead once it is submitted anyway, no need for custom triggers etc, it just needs to be configured in the SF admin area.

I’ve attached a screenshot to show you where it’s available from but if you need any help just drop me a message.


@stuart, this is the first place that I started. I have an auto-response rule set up, but it isn’t actually firing the email template I set up. I had a support call w/ salesforce and they said it won’t work unless I embed a web-to-lead form (an ugly salesforce form that will most likely kill conversion rate).

Are your emails firing to leads that come through unbounce forms?


Hi Josh, yes they are firing although I have setup a webhook php script, it’s not done via oAuth as we have sf professional which doesn’t support it. It’s likely the fact the webhook is mimicking a standard web form post method. I can share the script with you if that would help, it should solve your problem.




@stuart That would be great, can you email me josh{at}chalkfly{dot}com