Salesforce web-to-lead: custom fields pass repeated values to Salesforce


I capture data from Unbounce to Salesforce using a form set up with the web-to-lead method (i.e. Form confirmation option is “Post form data to a URL”).

So, my form has a hidden text field with the label “Edition” which is connected to a custom field in Salesforce. In my case, I fill this field with the text “2020-I”. The value goes to Salesforce, but there it appears written as “2020-I;2020-I” instead of “2020-I”.

I have made some testing and this only happens with custom fields, no matter what value I put inside them. Standard fields like First Name, Phone, Company are not affected by this repetition of values.

Also, this problem only happens when using Unbounce. I made a test using an external service and the value in Salesforce didn’t repeat itself in that case.

The repeated values doesn´t let us automate some tasks we use Salesforce for. I´ll appreciate any help!

PD: sorry for my english, not a native english-speaker.

Hi @emanrique! Welcome to the community :tada:

I think for this particular question it might be a good idea to reach out to our Support team ( They may need to take a look at the code you’re using to troubleshoot. If you’re able to find the solution to this issue, please share it here so that we can all learn :bulb:

Hope you’re able to figure it out :slight_smile: