Salesforce script for Script Manager


Hi all,

Have 600 landing pages so looking for a global solution to an integration challenge.

We are about to start with I’m looking for a way to automatically feed my landing page web form into salesforce. That is a global solution without amending 600 pages.

Example landing page:

I’m thinking a global script I can place in Script Manager? Has anyone tried this?

Would like to avoid the salesforce integration module as it means 600 changes. Same with webhooks, I think?

Has anyone any bright ideas?

Many thanks for your consideration,



Hi @Carl_Duncker,

You seem to be on the right path - you can use the script manager to deploy a JS script that upon form submission would take the form data and push it to a webhook.

You would also need to write a host the said webhook.

Do all 600 pages have the exact same form (fields)?



That’s great. Thank you.

Yes, all the fields are identical.

Any idea how I can get a script that will push the data to a webhook?

I’ve been using zapier and mailparser if they help?

Many thanks for your support,


Hi Carl,

Zapier makes it a lot easier since you don’t have to write an API integration script yourself.

Through the Zapier panel you can create a zap that receives data from a webhook and passes it on to Salesforce.

The only thing left is to get a JS script that would take the form data and push it to the Zapier webhook.
Unfortunately, this needs to be custom coded.

Any developer should be able to knock this out in a few hours. Maybe less but depends on how many tests need to be run to make sure everything is working as expected.


Depending on your monthly volume of form submits, you might want to consider using a custom script for the integration and skipping Zapier altogether.