Salesforce integration - link unbounce leads to a specific record type



I tried to integrate Unbounce on Salesforce and it seemed to work :

However I don’t see the leads on Salesforce.

  • Do you know where are the leads supposed to go ?
  • Is it possible to assign my leads to a specific record type ?

FYI: I am using Salesforce Lightning, edition Entreprise and I don’t have Marketing Cloud but only Sales Cloud.



Hi @shi,

Regarding the record type: when you set up your Salesforce integration, you should be able to select whether you want to create a “New Lead” or “New Contact” in Salesforce when a lead is received by Unbounce.

If you’re not seeing any leads delivered to Salesforce, we should probably take a look at your integration and dig into it a bit more. File a support ticket or reach out to our support folks and we’d be happy to help you figure out what’s going on. :slight_smile: