Salesforce integration - link unbounce leads to a specific record type



I tried to integrate Unbounce on Salesforce and it seemed to work :

However I don’t see the leads on Salesforce.

  • Do you know where are the leads supposed to go ?
  • Is it possible to assign my leads to a specific record type ?

FYI: I am using Salesforce Lightning, edition Entreprise and I don’t have Marketing Cloud but only Sales Cloud.




Hi @shi,

Regarding the record type: when you set up your Salesforce integration, you should be able to select whether you want to create a “New Lead” or “New Contact” in Salesforce when a lead is received by Unbounce.

If you’re not seeing any leads delivered to Salesforce, we should probably take a look at your integration and dig into it a bit more. File a support ticket or reach out to our support folks and we’d be happy to help you figure out what’s going on. :slight_smile:



Hi There,

I’ve actually come across a similar issue. I’ve chosen “New Lead” but within a lead, there can be multiple record types. Salesforce has a record type id field that we can add the 15 or 18 alphanumeric string so that our page layouts look how we want them to. Unfortunately, when putting in this string, it does not pass into Salesforce correctly.

Wanted to know if anyone, or if Unbounce was aware of the error. The work-around is to use Salesforce’s workflows/process builder, but I’d prefer to do everything in Unbounce if possible.