Salesforce Integration - Change Form Text Passed Through to SF


Wondering if anyone would know how to have full state name drop down menu changed to just the state abbreviation when dumped into Salesforce via the integration? We want visitors to see the full state name in the drop down, but need to see the state abbreviated in our Salesforce data once pushed through. Any ideas would be apprecitated!


Hi @andrewh,

The quickest way that comes to mind would be to use a bit of JavaScript to write the State abbreviation into a hidden field.

Before submitting the form, you would write the desired value into the above mentioned hidden field and pass it along with the other fields.

The other options are to: a) roll your own Salesforce integration or b) try doing it through Zapier.



Thanks for the reply with the options! We will try the JavaScript and see if we can get that to work, that seems to make sense.


Hi @andrewh

I really like to to know how it goes? did the JS works? Mine is running and the Email Notification integration looks perfect, but the leads did not get through to Salesforce.

Or did you used Zapier? any recommendation?

Thank you