Salesforce Integration - Blank Company Field


I’m currently setting up our company’s integration with Salesforce.  In SF, we use person accounts and opportunities, as we are mainly B2C.  We have a trigger in place to automatically convert Unbounce leads as they are entered into SF.  However, the SF lead conversion process specifices that leads with a BLANK company are converted to Person Accounts and those with a company are converted to business accounts.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how (or if it’s possible) to pass a blank value for Company to SF from Unbounce.  I’ve tried adding a hidden company field on my form with a blank default value and mapping that my SF company field, but I get an integration error unless there’s an actual default value provided.  And not mapping company at all produces an error as well.

Is it possible to do what I’m trying to do here?


Hi Jennifer, 
I feel like this might be something our Customer Success team might be able to help you with. I’m going to pass this over to them to see if they have some insights, but I’ll leave this up in the Community as well in case any other marketers know how to get this up and running. 
Hang tight and look out for an email from our team shortly. :) 


Anything new on this topic?
I’m facing the same problem here. Is there anyway of ignoring a value?
If I send a simple blank space, an error shows up. NULL and other values as default will be recognized as a valid company name.
Is there a workaround yet?


Earth to Unbounce, please help with this issue. Person Accounts in Salesforce can only be created if company is blank. Person Account is what we’re using to model Consumers, I assume this is common as Salesforce recommends this for B2C