Salesforce CRM Integration


Since we’ve deployed Salesforce within our organization, integration with that would be phenomenal!


Any time - I’d be glad to toss in my ‘2 cents’. I’m relatively new to Salesforce, but I have seen some good implementation examples of it.


Is CapsuleCRM in the plans as well? I spent an entire afternoon trying to translate the Webhooks code into a form post that will work with Capsule’s integration. No luck.


Hey Chris, we use CapsuleCRM ourselves and really like it. Can’t say for sure if we’ll provide a specific integration for it, but I’d be happy to help you with your integration code, as we’re fairly familiar with the CapsuleCRM API (we auto-create contacts on Unbounce signup). Feel free to email your code to and we’ll have a look!


Any update on this? I’m highly interested in this service but without being able to import leads into via a web-to-lead form reduces the value tremendously. Pretty much a deal breaker and I bet it’s the same for many (or most) other users.


Thanks for the nudge Lloyd,
We have Salesforce very high up on our integrations road map and we’ll be tackling it after the next few big features that we’re working on are finished up.

As an interim solution, since you can integrate your Unbounce forms with a MailChimp list, you can try integrating your MailChimp list with Salesforce as they already have that solution in place. You can read up on how to do this here.

I understand this is a pretty convoluted 3-step solution and requires you to have a MailChimp account, but it’s worth throwing out there until we have a nice easy integration in place.

Thanks for everyone’s patience!



I presume that one could also use the Custom HTML widget as well, right? That way we could embed a SFDC web-to-lead form, or a 3rd party web-to-lead form? Adds a little complication but might be another temporary workaround.


Most CRM’s easily integrate with generic forms. All we would need is the ability to custom name the fields to match and set the submit post destination. As with LLoyd above, the current inability to integrate is a deal breaker for me, but could so easily be fixed.


Yes, you could likely do this, with the caveat being that you wouldn’t get conversion reporting in Unbounce, making A/B testing more difficult.


If a CRM will accept just a simple POST, then you could possibly use our webhook feature with just a little scripting. We *definitely* want to provide support for Salesforce sooner rather than later!


Yeah I did play around with that, but found reformatting the JSON to post data to be beyond my skills. (My CRM is CapsuleCRM by the way)


Use this PHP script to send your unbounce leads into Salesforce:

post = _POST[‘data_json’];
$form_data = json_decode(stripslashes($post));

define(“SOAP_CLIENT_BASEDIR”, “./soapclient”);
require_once (SOAP_CLIENT_BASEDIR.’/SforcePartnerClient.php’);
require_once (SOAP_CLIENT_BASEDIR.’/SforceHeaderOptions.php’);


$mysf = new SforcePartnerClient ();
$mysc = $mysf->createConnection(“soapclient/partner.wsdl.xml”);
$auth = $mysf->login($USERNAME, $PASSWORD);


$lead = new sObject();
$lead->type = ‘Lead’;
$lead->fields = array(‘FirstName’ => ‘Joe’,
‘LastName’ => ‘Smith’,
‘Company’ => ‘ACME’,
‘Email’ => $email_address);

//create the lead
$result = $mysf->create(array($lead), ‘Lead’);

// for troubleshooting, dump the response variables out
echo var_dump($result);


Hey Mark, thank you so much for contributing - this is awesome! We’re going to try it out ourselves very soon here.


Also very interested in this for myself and a few client accounts!! Exporting leads and importing leads to salesforce is simply not possible during heavy promotions as the data is never available as needed.


I too am a paying customer (after) integration to Salesforce is in place.


please contact us about this Carl! Thanks


Any timeline available for the integration of salesforce


Hey Jennifer, we don’t have a specific date yet. The folks at OneSaas got in touch with us and let us know that they have an integration hub that ties together Unbounce and Salesforce (check out )…


bad link.


Thanks Jason, fixed that…