Sales Landing Pages with Credit Card


Has anybody successfully used to capture a sales order with credit card? I’m looking for a way to:

Securely Capture a Credit Card Order
Utilize Google Adwords Tracking (meaning I have to stay on the same sub domain)

Feel free to correct me. I’ve tried a few different things including a funnel page and then passing the variables to my sales page but in some cases I would like a 1 page, order page, that just goes to a thank you page.

Any ideas appreciated, thanks!



Hey Slider, wow, we’re *ahem* just a little slow getting back to you on this, so sorry.

Until we get SSL support (hopefully later this year), you wouldn’t be able to do the one-page order form.

Tracking of conversions on external sites, though, will actually be coming out shortly. So, you should be able to setup a page with a “Buy Now” button that goes to a cart page. As long as the cart supports custom domains and embedded script, it should all work fine.

Do you have any favourite carts?