Run Convertables only on certain unbounce pages


I know convertables are designed to run on all pages of your domain, or a single page, but is it possible to have them only run on certain unbounce pages? I have a handful of pages that I’m all linking together in a sort of mini site and i want a convertable on them that will push down to the form field for each page. is this possible? or should i find some sticky header code to do this instead?


Hey sgro28,

Yes, it’s possible to configure Convertables to only run on certain pages. There are lots of options for defining the pages you want to run on.

The most basic is to use the URL targeting options shown below. You can input multiple page URLs or if there is a more general term contained in the URLs you can use “contains”, “start with” or “end with”. You can define multiple rules to achieve the matching you want as shown.

If these options don’t provide you enough granularity another option is to use cookie targeting, which is under advanced targeting. Note that cookie targeting is only available for Premium accounts.

Let me know if this answers your question or if I’ve missed something.