Rotating Biographies (Possibly JavaScript?)



I am looking for a certain functionality within my landing page. I would like to have a personal bio appear in a box, and then refresh after a few moments to another person’s bio. In all I want to have 4-5 bios refreshing every 10 seconds or so. I would think this is a Javascript function, but I am a bit novice when it comes to things like this. Can anyone provide some advice?


You might want to check out
Once you create a deck - you can get some embeddable iframe code - which you can add to your Unbounce page using our “Custom HTML” component.
I think this should accommodate your requirements.

If you do try it out - just give us a shout if you have issues getting it to work (I’ve done it - so I can verify it works with Unbounce).


There is a jQuery plugin called “Quovolver” that was designed for quotes but can be easily adapted to meet your needs, provided you make a few simple changes in CSS. Add the script, and place the DIV inside a Custom HTML component.

Find out more at…


I was able to get fairly far with the Quovolver, but am not able to actually get it to rotate. Any ideas on why this might be?


Each biography needs to be placed into its own ’ < div class=“widget_content” > '.

Each biography needs to be within its own < blockquote >.


< div class=“widget_content” >
   < blockquote >
      < p > Biography #1 < /p >
   < /blockquote >
   < blockquote >
      < p > Biography #2 < /p >
   < /blockquote >
   < blockquote >
      < p > Biography #3 < /p >
   < /blockquote >
< /div >

Good luck, fellow Brian H!


Oli, I am trying to get slidedeck to work on unbounce without any luck. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Andreas,
In SlideDeck - go to the “Get Code” section and copy the iFrame version embed script.
In Unbounce, add a Custom HTML component to the page and paste the iframe script from SlideDeck.
Resize the Custom HTML box to be the required size.
Publish or preview to see it in action.

Note: it doesn’t currently appear to work in Safari (might be your issue). I’ve logged the bug with the SD guys.

Hope that helps


Actually, I have the pro version and can’t find any way to use that in an iFrame. Is it possible to upload files (the js and css files) to unbounce? Maybe that’s the problem.


Oh and by the way, I have tried putting the javascript as a script in unbounce, and the css as well. Doesn’t seem to work.


Yeah, the css doesn’t work as we can’t parse the import code at this point.

In SlideDeck - go to the “Get Code” page and copy the code from the Easy Embed Section (It reads - Copy one line of code onto your site and you’re done!)

Then paste it into the Custom HTML component.
You don’t need to touch any CSS or Javascript.

If you can email a link to your page (the big long address with loads of SDFDCAECFAW type characters) from your page overview screen - I’ll be able to go in and take a look for you. (


I cannot locate the “Get Code” page on the SlideDeck site. Can you link to it in this thread or help me to navigate to it?


Hi Brian,
You need to be logged into your account on SlideDeck to see this. BAsically, once you’ve created your SlideDeck and save it - it will send you to the Get Code page.
If you have an account with them and still have issues finding it, your best bet would probably be to contact their support.
Let me know if you have any issues on the Unbounce side once you get the embed code.