Rollover Button Help


I am trying to create an interactive landing page feature, whereby upon mousing over a button the user sees associated text. To accomplish this, I have two images – one is the basic button, the second is the button plus copy.

I have the second image set for the button’s hover state, but do not see the image. This is the case when viewing the landing page from the editor pane, during preview, and published.

Please advise.


Hey Amy - you may need to double check that your button’s bounding box is large enough to accommodate the larger, roll-over image. Can you give that a shot and see if it helps?


Hi - thanks for the reply. When you say bounding box, it sounds like you’re referring to the default button, not the box for the rollover image, correct?


Hey Ami,

The bounding box is applied to the up, hover and down states so yes, the size of the box on the default button applies to the rollover too.