Right side spacing matching the left


Hey guys! I am new to Unbounce and have several text boxes and images that I want to align properly with the right and left side. I have figured out how to align on the left by using the geometry section (L) but how do I make sure my images and text have the same distance and alignment on the right. If I use the center button while shifting with more then one item it still centers the items without keeping them in a group. Here is an image for reference.

And here is my page if you want to take a look at what I mean https://quotes.borderbuddy.com/quotesnow/

Thank you,



Hey Tianna, I typically use SHIFT + arrow keys to move the content 10 pixels at a time – that way it’s easy to simple align the content to the edge of the page, then step it in say 40-60 pixels from the edge (I don’t like having the content right up to the edge of the page as if your page is viewed on a tablet, it will be literally to the edge of the screen).