Retarget to visitors who don't convert on my landing page


Hi All, Sorry if this has already been covered (likely). I am trying to set up a Facebook retargeting campaign. I am driving traffic to a landing page with no incentive offer. I want to retarget to visitors WHO DO NOT use the form on this initial page with an offer. So i would need to exclude anyone who converted on the first landing page from my custom audience that I will remarket to. How would I go about this?


Hi Mark, 

This is a really good question you can do this by building a custom audience in Facebook and apply a rule to include your first landing page and exclude the thankyou page. 

Let me know if that was clear. 



If I understand correctly, you can create 2 custom audiences in Facebook. One to contain the URL of your landing page and one to contain the URL (or appropriate event) of the form or whatever is the second page. I assume you already have Facebook integrated with Unbounce. You can go to scripts manager and add the pixel with CompleteRegistration event to your confirmation dialogue page (Head placement) as your audience that you will exclude and add the same pixel but with pageview standard event to your landing page (Head placement on main landing page) as the audience that you will include. You should be able to test it and see each pixel firing separately (in your Facebook pixel data). Then create the ad with both of the audiences together.


I like this, thanks


I think this makes sense. To take this one step further. How would I create these audiences so that I can track and remarket based specific campaigns. To be clearer, i am running campaigns on new cars. I need to be able to create remarketing audiences for NEW CAR 1 and NEW CAR 2 (and so on). To do this would i just include the front half of those URLs which will be specific to the model?


For an even easier way to set up retargeting campaigns I can highly recommendAdRoll. Let’s you easily set up campaigns for Facebook, Google Display and Twitter. 


i’ll check this out


Mark in the includes field you would put the URL of the landing page for new car 1 then exclude people who have completed the form.  Each car would have it’s own custom audience.