Restricting leads/registrations captured to certain email domains


Hi, is there a way to restrict leads captured in a form to emails from specific domains? For example, only people with a certain .edu email. Thanks!


Hi there, currently there is no easy way to accomplish this, although writing arbitrary validation for form fields is something we will consider when we make some improvements to our form builder. I’ve turned this thread into an “idea” so that we track it as such.



I like this idea- very progressive… will annoy some of the hotmail type folks but there is value to it- shameless plug, we are building a site whose basic mission it is to do this (the link of course is an unbounce page:)

#4 is the unbounce page actually :slight_smile:



this would be very useful for us. We offer an email marketing platform and don’t accept sign ups from hotmail, yahoo or gmail accounts. Many users try to register with these emails from unbounce and we don’t know how to stop them.

We have placed an alert in the page, but seems users keep trying to register their accounts with these free emails.