Responsive design


I’m really looking forward to seeing the responsive design landing pages come true in Unbounce. Go go development team!! :wink:


Thanks for the encouragement Rafael, we’re going to do our best!


Was about to ask if we can get responsive design. is it available now? If so, where can I activate it. If not, could you tell me your timeframe (if any) to release this feature, as I must have my landing page in responsive design. So I could then decide if I can wait for you or not.


Hi Julie - we don’t have anything for you to use quite yet, but we are in a research/prototyping stage trying to sort out the best way forward. It’s a bit too soon for me to give any timeframes, but I can tell you that it’s one of the highest priorities on our roadmap. We’ll do our best to keep these threads updated as we progress.


cannot wait - so much needed


I want me some responsive design!! Feeeeeeeed me.

But seriously, you guys pull off responsive with your UI, and I will intro you to 30+ companies in the Silicone Beach area.


These posts are 5 months old, any news on responsive?


any news on this?


Hey everyone,
Responsive is still one of our top priorities and we are still in the R&D phase at this point. I know that doesn’t sound like we’ve made much progress since our last update Ñ the truth is that this is a really tough problem to solve. If we were to be building our platform from scratch today that might be a different story, but we are trying our best to preserve the freeform drag&drop capabilities that many of our customers have grown accustom to. Rest assured we are as eager as you are for a solution and will be growing our JavaScript team in the new year to help us move faster.



Can we expect something within the first 6 months of 2014?


That’s definitely our hope Sam Ñ ideally sooner. The plan is to roll out what we have for feedback at the earliest opportunity as either an opt-in beta feature or a labs feature.


I should mention we are trying to build a list of customers who are interested in this feature so we can gather early feedback. Would be great if you [send us an email so that we can tag you in the system.](’m interested in Responsive Design&Body=Please tag me with ‘Product - Feature Request: Responsive’ so that I can receive early access updates as the feature progresses. ) Thanks Sam!


Thanks Carter, really hanging out for this!

Another solution…

Why not join forces with Seems like a perfect match. They do responsive design really nicely and to the high standard the Unbounce team & users would love. Unbounce on the other hand would cover all of Webflow’s weaknesses eg. testing, reporting and the clean UI with multi-client options & integrations.

Could be faster to implement and together you would make the ultimate landing page solution.

(Be sure to check out some of their other cool functions such as their HiDPI checkbox on each image for retina displays as well as their image slider & map widget).


Hey all,

Carter Gilchrist, our Director of Product & UX, posted this update outlining where we’re at with Responsive including a video demonstration.

Check it out and please share your thoughts.


What is the status?


Hi Jim - we’re currently internally testing very early versions of responsive pages with the hope that we can get it to a point where it can be released to beta testers at some point in the relatively near future (but not close enough that I can give a firm ETA yet, unfortunately).

As Kostas sort of alluded to above, the challenge is keeping the page builder’s drag and drop UI in tact and working as you’d expect, but also building in the responsive capabilities.

If you’re interested, I can tag your account, Jim, which will put you on our list of people to notify as soon as we have something ready to release to the public.


Hey Jim - Just wanted to add on top of what Quinn said. Keep your eye on our Inside Unbounce blog next week. We will be following up with another progress post on Responsive.


Hi - we are very interested in being on the list of people to get notified / beta testers!


Just tagged you now Jakob!


As well, I’m definitely still interested in responsive! In the time of my last post, I’ve taken a couple GA (General Assembly) intensive courses and have been able to code landing pages myself. But, I know there is a HUGE market for something like this, as most marketers do not have the skills (and do not have the interest) to learn front end web dev.