[RESOLVED: Unbounce Alert] Temporary Issue with Page Statistics


Hey everyone, wanted to bring this to your attention right away.

We recently discovered a configuration issue with one of the servers in our cluster that ended up impairing its ability to process your page statistics. The net result is that between December 13th and 16th, roughly 20% of your overall page statistics have not been reported. This shouldn’t affect your overall conversion rate (as the missing statistics were evenly distributed), but your overall visitor and conversion numbers would appear slightly lower for those days.

Luckily it looks like we’re able to recover your missing statistics, as the raw information is all in our log files. It will take us a day or so to massage everything back into place, but we’ll keep everyone updated as we progress.

Please accept my sincere apologies for this error on our part, and rest assured we’ll be updating our change management procedures to ensure this won’t happen again.


We’re currently reprocessing the missing page statistics and will update this thread when the operation has completed.


All of the missing statistics have now been processed.