Resizing iframe script - how to implement?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to embed an iframe into a page but I cannot manage to get it to resize to the content. I’m not the first one asking this question but it doesn’t look like there has been an answer yet.

Here is the iframe code:

for the styling
iframe {
width: 1px;
min-width: 100%;

The developer from the client company gave me some options

"Use the following library

You’ll have to add the script

And run the javascript :
iFrameResize({ log: true }, ‘#myIframe’)"

I am not sure what “Use the following library” means, to be honest :slight_smile:
I tried a few things but it’s not working.

Anyone who could give me some tips?

We also have a similar issue when embedding a Calendly calendar - the iframe doesn’t resize either. if we can make this work it could also solve our issue here!

Thank you!