Reset Landing Page Conversion Goals

I’ve duplicated a copy of a previous design I created into a new page and I want to reset the conversion goals on the page, but I can’t figure out how to do so.

I added an additional button to the page that is not being acknowledged as an option for tracking conversions. Only my previous conversion goals are showing up as options I can check off.

I can’t find any documentation that explains how to reset the conversion goals or why my new button isn’t even showing up as a conversion goals option.

I’ve even tried deleting and readding some conversion goals but the options in the goals panel have not changed from my previous page.

Hey Emma!

You should most definitely be able to set a new conversion goal on your duplicated page. Once it’s duplicated it’s an entirely new entity and is completely customizable. If this problem is persisting, I recommend reaching out to our Support team to make sure there isn’t something wonky going on behind the scenes. You can reach them by email or in the chat box in the app.

I’ve put this on their radar so they should have a heads up about this issue. Hope this gets resolved quickly!


Hi Jess,

Thank you for the response. I eventually figured out that the reason my button isn’t showing up as a conversion goal is that Unbounce won’t track conversions on buttons that send an email. Which I personally think is a huge shortcoming in the program.

I don’t even want to track if an email was actually sent, just if it’s clicked on but even that’s not possible. Makes it very tricky to explain to my client why we can’t see if his page is converting or not. I have a form on the page as well, but wanted to have a second option to send an email in a separate button on mobile.

Very frustrating to have no documentation about this on the conversion goals information page. I don’t even think this button option should exist if it won’t track the conversions.

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Totally fair points! Let me run this by our Product Management team for consideration, I’d be curious to know how common this use case is.

In the meantime, though it isn’t as good as having the solution available natively within the app, here’s a workaround that was shared over the summer that will allow you to track sending emails:

Hope this provides at least a bandaid to this issue. Thanks for posting here!


Just making sure you have an action associated with the button such as a URL. If not, it won’t show up as a conversion goal.

Hi, I have a similar problem. I don’t see all the links of images I have in carousels. I have some showing up, but not all. I also have some links that aren’t important to be tracked, so not sure if maybe there is a limit of links that can be shown and if so, how can I remove the ones I don’t need with the ones I do.
Thank you!