Reservation System


Reservation Question-

Im looking for a landing page that only accepts people that have a code.  
That code will have all the info related to that person.
After the code is entered they can edit their contact info and click save. Either way the form will be submitted.
Basically this is a form for people with a special invite.

If they do not have a special ID they can continue with an alternate page that will accept a larger amount of info to register a person but will not pull from a database. 


Hey Mike, 
This is a really interesting use case, but with the current infrastructure of how the Unbounce page builder works, I don’t believe there would be any way to implement a solution like this. 

Can you give me an example use case? What problem would this be solving for you, or what are you trying to accomplish? Also, if you have a real world example of this kind of implementation I’d love to take a look.