Requiring Business Emails in Form Fills

Hi everyone,
New to the forum so apologize if the answer to this question is available elsewhere, but the most recent discussion topic I found on this is a bit old now (and the last two unanswered replies concerned me).

We are getting a lot of personal emails coming through our landing pages for our paid ads and I’d like to at least test a way to prevent submissions from non-business domains like gmail, hotmail, etc.

What is the most recent script, plugin or integration that we can set up to test this?

Hi David, I believe this script could work, but it would need to be modified slightly by a programmer to be able to get it to work with Unbounce. But it might be a good starting point:

Thanks @Nicholas, I used what was set up in the previous thread I mentioned if anyone is able to take a look at it and see if there’s anything that I might want to change:

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