Required Fields


How do you make the landing page data entry fields “required,” before the customer can successfully click the download link? Thank you!


Hi David - in the ‘Design Your Form’ dialog as shown under section 4.01 of this article you can use the left-most column of the dialog to adjust the settings for individual fields, including whether they are ‘required’ or not.

For example, you can click on the ‘Email’ field from the middle column to select it, and then set it to be a ‘required field’ in the right column.

I hope this helps!


I selected required field for the email form but you are still able to go to the next page without entering it…any help?


Hey there! I took a quick peek at your account and it looks like you missed one small step. Simply republish the page and the changes should take effect. Send an email to if you encounter further issues :slight_smile:



I have the same issue with the form validation. Can anyone help me out?