Requesting Pricing Feedback for Marketing Consultants


Hi All,

Unbounce is not able to advise about pricing, so I’d like to get a sense for what some other marketing agencies are charging for creation and management of landing pages. I have a feeling I’m undercharging.

A sample 6-month contract included:

  • Creation and management of 10 landing pages (similar layout/format, just different content), including updates and A/B testing
  • Monthly Adwords mini-audits of client account
  • Written Adwords recommendations and feedback for client to implement
  • 2-3 monthly phone meetings which included Adwords Q&A and training
  • Customized reference sheets to help client manage and optimise Adwords account in-house

For the above services, the client paid $1,495 per month (for 6 months). These services generated:

  • 767 leads
  • 30+ bookings

After factoring in Adwords spend and my agency compensation, the client company made over $340,000 in revenue. Also, looking at the same 6-month period last year, I increased their Adwords conversions by over 6,000% and decreased their cost-per-conversion by about 97% (because they were previously throwing money at an unoptimised Adwords account and sending traffic to a website that was not conversion friendly.)

How do I determine the value of this or similar future 6-month packages, factoring in my time and expertise for page creation/management and Adwords optimization and strategy?

I would love to hear from other agencies and consultants on this. Don’t worry, I’m not a competitor – I specialise in a very specific niche industry. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much in advance for any advice and guidance!



Those are great results!

But that does sound like a lot of workload for just $1,495 a month. I think somewhere more in the region of $5,000 a month is much more reasonable. However you could probably get much more.

Pricing things properly can be really hard!