Requesting feedback on landing page both versions mobile & desktop


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
To drive purchase of product.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google AdWords Search ads & FB Ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
Drive purchase of product

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


Hey Sandy,

I think the page is simple and straight forward. There is an issue on the desktop page though, but everything is straight in that section on the mobile version.

I would also like to see more space in between items and section in the mobile version. Right now things look a little smashed together.


Hey Kyle,

Thank you for the swift review & response. Republished the page again so kindly have a relook.

Look forward to hear from you,



Hey Sandy!

I’ll jump in here for one piece of feedback that I love to give, add a favicon! :smile:

We’ve got a post here that breaks down how to add a favicon to your page:

Having a favicon on your page is crucial if you want your page to give the sense of completeness and legitimacy. I’ll let the @Unbounce-Experts take care of some more conversion crushing feedback. :slight_smile:



Hi Sandy,

Here’s a short (private, unlisted) video with some feedback on the page:

Hope it helps and let me know if you have any questions!



I have a few suggestions as well, mostly related to content.

Do you have more product photos? I see a few on the actual product page - can you use those on the landing page as well? More photos will create more engagement on the page and could help visitors fall in love with the product.

Do you have any happy customer testimonials or reviews/ratings that you can add as social proof?

How specific are the ads that drive visitors to this page? It only features blue sheets in the double size. The dropdown menus for size and color don’t appear to have any other options.

Finally, do you have a way to measure the conversion rate on the landing page (the % of people that click through to the full site) and the conversion rate of the full site itself? Your true conversion rate for your search and FB ads campaigns will be the product of these two numbers (LP conversion rate X site conversion rate). You’ll have to measure both very closely to see if the LP actually improves your overall conversion rate enough to offset the abandonment on the landing page.

Landing pages for e-commerce are tough but can be done well with a lot of testing. Good luck!


Hi Jess,

Thank you for the feedback. Beside fevicon feel free to share your comments, suggestions.



Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for thorough feedback. I am going to factor almost all of it, barring two points.

• FYI for such a low priced product the testimonials might look bit heavy or unnatural. Let know your views.

• Haven’t included multiple images for two reasons:-
o I am new to unbounce so don’t know how to incorporate
 Zoom functionality for images
 Carousal images
If you are aware then feel free to share relevant docs, links

o Importantly, this landing page (LP) is very first step in the funnel. The subsequent page is typical ecommerce page. Hence carries multiple images of the product along with zoom functionality and other product details.

Thanks once again.


Hi Sandy,

Yes, those features can be added to your page, but they would require some custom development with a Javascript developer.

Even if you don’t have a carousel or zoom functionality to start, just having more images on the page would help I think.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the suggestions. For first 3 points kindly see my response to Nicholas.

On your 4th point, yes we do have data on conversions.

Lastly, looking for good template for LP for in reatail industry for low-medium price product. Let me know if you have a recommendation.

Thanking you in advance,