Request to create URLs with subdirectories


I’d like to request that Unbounce build in the ability to include sets of pages within subdirectories. Here are some use cases I’m sure are common around the community.

RegEx for Thank You Pages - Creating a communal subdirectory for TY pages will make it easier to parse these pages with regular expressions within analytics platforms. 

Microsites - Would be ideal to create microsite landing pages within a subdirectory format - for example, our organization will attend tradeshows and we might want to put together a 3 to 4 page microsite specific to this event contained within a subdirectory. 

Note, this request is different from the common one of “We need folders” - however this is something I’m also a big proponent of! 


Hey Simon, thanks for the suggestion! Just to clarify, you are talking specifically about having a nested path structure in your URL, right? Like

As for the “we need folders” request Ñ this is something we’re digging into right now (nested folders for better page management, nothing to do with page URLs though at the moment.)



Hey Carter, 

Thanks for getting back to me! 

Re: Nested URL path in the URL - Yes, that is exactly what we would like to see. 

Re: Folders - Gotcha - will stay tuned. 

Cheers, Simon