Request - Boxes with rounded corners


Similar to the “Buttons with style” topic, it would be great if you provided an option in the configuration of a *box* to allow the corners to be rounded. I want to put some boxes behind some blocks of text but want the corners to be rounded like some of my other graphics are. (But I want to create the text in Unbounce and be able to change the box size easily.)

Perhaps over on the side where you allow the border type to be specified along with with width of the border, you could also have a item for “Corner style” and a field allowing you to specify the amount of rounding of the corner.

Sure, I could do this using Custom HTML with a DIV tag with all the right style parameters, but then I can only see it in the preview.


Hi Dan,
This is something we’re planning in the future. We’d held off on it up to now to ensure complete cross-browser compatibility (CSS-wise) for our published pages.

I can’t give you a firm timeline, but it’s on our roadmap.

I’ve added it to our list of ideas here on GetSatisfaction, so you can jump over to… and give it your vote if you like.